Quality Sex

A check list for Quality Sex

___I am self-confident. I love your body (including every extra pound, small scar, and tiny wrinkle.)

___I believe and trust in my inner Body Wisdom that is connected to Spirit Wisdom.

___I listen to each impulse in my body, and when appropriate, I have the courage to act on it. I know it will lead me to my primal desires which are a gift from God.

___I have no guilt or shame and am willing to openly address any of the fears either I or my partner has.

___I trust my partner and my own instincts.

___I will listen to my conscience.

___I can be in the present moment and am prepared to risk vulnerability.

___I do NOT assume any behavior of others on tv, pornographic photos or any line I read will turn anybody on.

___I will honor my own uniqueness recognizing each encounter is unique to me and my partner.

___I know being able to communicate well and often with my partner is like dancing.

Remember, when we integrate our minds, bodies and spirits it opens the doorway to sexuality as an encounter with the Sacred. So, practice!

Resources for the Professionals to address Christian Sex Negativity

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