Sexually Focused Sermons

Rev Dale is available for preaching or speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics. However, her passion is to help people of faith think theologically about the barriers to a guilt-free and life-affirming perspective towards our bodies and our sexuality.

Here are some of the sermons that focus on this topic:

Touching the Body: Finding the Spirit

Rev Bev examines the Apostle Thomas who wanted to be shown the physical marks of Jesus’ body before he would believe in the spiritual truth of resurrection. She suggests when we are unafraid of the body, its wounds, desires and needs, then our eyes open to the Presence of God. She describes her transformative experience at a spiritual workshop when her mind and spirit were reconnected through poetry and movement.

Jesus, Joy and (responsible) Hedonism

Who said Christianity has to be so serious that whimsy, laughter, joy and play – even sensual play – are in short supply?! Rather, considering the amazing, fantastical claims of our faith, our journey might well be full of joy and delightful hedonism – the responsible kind, of course. Rev Bev will explore these heretical ideas through the lens of an incarnational theology, that is, God-in-the-flesh.

Bathrooms and Eunuchs: Letting Go of the Fear of Difference

Our culture uses difference to create “insiders and outsiders” thus creating and fostering fear of one another. Noting how this impacts those who are transgender, she suggests Jesus’ possible view of sexual differences can be surmised through his teaching of eunuchs. This was first presented at United Christian Church of Levittown in honor of the National Weekend of Prayer for Transgender Justice.

I would do anything for you

Rev Bev wants to know, do we really believe God is on our side? and even if we do, how do we remember this during times of depressing social struggle? The citizens of Nineveh turned around and changed their ways. The followers of Jesus upended their lives as well. Can we use them as models?

A God Even an Agnostic Can Believe In

Do people self-identify as “spiritual but not religious” because they reject antiquated ideas of just who and what God is? Broadening the discussion Rev Bev agrees with theologian, Susan Schneider, that “God is more than two men and a bird.” She explores a variety of images and experiences that can be seen as “God”or the Sacred moving in our lives.

Dr. Tammy Nelson, Relationship TV, Posted Nov 17, 2016

Rev Bev is interviewed by a relationship therapist about her work of encouraging a faith without the guilt.

Public Speaking Engagements

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