Sex Is Good

Sex is Good: 1 Introduction: Positive Sex

Sex is Good: 2 Sexual Happiness

Sex is Good: 3 Self-Pleasure

Sex is good: 4 Non-Marital Sex

Sex is Good: 5 Sexual Diversity

Sex is good: 6 Gender Variation

Sex is Good: 7 Erotica

Sex is Good: 8 Kink

Sex is Good: 9 The Very Best Sex


Public Speaking Engagements

Next Preaching Dates

March 5, April 30: United Christian Church of Levittown

April 17-19: Workshop presentation: “The Imperative of a Pleasure-Centered Approach to Self-Care” at the 2023 Caring for the Human Spirit Conference and Westberg Symposium hosted by the Spiritual Care Association (SCA) St Louis, Il.

June 8-11: Workshop presentation: “Yearning for Pleasure: The Radical Work of Connecting Religious Clients to Personal Healing & Social Transformation” at the American Association of Sex Educators, Councilors and Therapists (AASECT), San Francisco CA

Resources for the Professionals to address Christian Sex Negativity

Coming Soon

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