Rev Bev is available by phone or Skype to address issues or concerns related to sexuality and faith. This should be viewed as short term  pastoral counseling and is not a substitute for therapy or long term pastoral intervention. One can expect pastoral insights, biblical discussion, resources for further reflection and study.

Appointments are scheduled in advance via email. (

The suggested fee for her services is $120 per hour and is payable in advance.

One-hour consultation

Date Scheduled (if any): 
$60 (clergy discount)
$30 (seminarian/student discount)

One half-hour consultation

Date Scheduled (if any): 
$30 (clergy discount)
$25 (seminarian/student discount)

Public Speaking Engagements

Next Preaching Dates

March 5, April 30: United Christian Church of Levittown

April 17-19: Workshop presentation: “The Imperative of a Pleasure-Centered Approach to Self-Care” at the 2023 Caring for the Human Spirit Conference and Westberg Symposium hosted by the Spiritual Care Association (SCA) St Louis, Il.

June 8-11: Workshop presentation: “Yearning for Pleasure: The Radical Work of Connecting Religious Clients to Personal Healing & Social Transformation” at the American Association of Sex Educators, Councilors and Therapists (AASECT), San Francisco CA

Resources for the Professionals to address Christian Sex Negativity

Coming Soon

Rev Bev’s thoughts are conveyed on instagram, The_Incarnation_institute and a podcast is being planned. Stay tuned.