Jessa Zimmerman, “Better Sex Podcast” #68: Posted April 16 2019

Rachel Keller & Beverly Dale – Sex Positivity in the Christian Faith

Both Rachel and Beverly who wrote Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client: Data & Dogma, discuss the needless negative stigma that surrounds sexuality from a church’s perspective: both in doctrine as well as practice. They provide an analysis as well as solutions.
to those who might be tied up with their Christian faith and yet are facing seemingly insurmountable sexual problems. And the book wasn’t just designed with Christians in mind, but those who may have moved on from Christianity as well and are seeking sexual healing or are looking for answers to pressing questions. This is expanded upon in the talk where the distinction between a client’s belief and their faith is clarified.

Dr. Jesse Sage Peepshow Podcast, Episode 25: Rev. Beverly Dale on Preaching Sex Positive Christianity Posted Sept 21, 2018:

We interview the Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale about her sex positive Christian ministry. We talk about her personal history with the Church, and how she came to believe that the Church is on the wrong side of sexual politics. We also talk about sex work as a form of ministry.

Martha Tara Lee, Eros Evolution, Posted April 9, 2015:

Christianity has emphasized the shame and guilt of our sexual needs and desires so much that even those who are religious or Christian are still wonder if a person of faith can legitimately celebrate sexual pleasure and sexual freedom? But the Rev. Beverly Dale challenges all sex negativity with a different view of the Christian message. She says it is time to celebrate the sexual body!

Jaclyn Friedman, F*** while Feminist, Episode #21 Posted Oct. 2014:

What would Jesus say about your sex life? The answer might surprise you. On this episode of FWF, Jaclyn catches up with the Reverend Beverly Dale, founder of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith, who will totally rearrange your understanding of the relationship between Christianity and sexuality.

Sandra Doughtery, Sex Nerd Sandra Show, #121 Posted Dec 3 2013:

Sex & Jesus

FORNICATION! HEDONISM! SPILLING THY SEED!!! The marvelous Reverend Beverly Dale sheds light on Jesus, the Bible and how to connect our sexuality with spirituality. TOPICS: Liberation Theology, Defining “Grace,” Jesus’ Social Life, Being Human AND Divine, Pre-Marital Sex, Non-Marital Sex, “Sexual Immorality,” the Marriage Covenant, Pleasure vs Hedonism, Pleasure as Worship, Lust, Adultery Now vs Then, Mortifying the Flesh, Celebrating God’s Creation, Homosexuality, Acknowledging the Human Condition, Judgement vs Compassion and when to check yourself before you wreck yourself!


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