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Sex and Religion - Some Great Resources

I am delighted to announce that I am a professor this semester at Lancaster Theological Seminary teaching seminarians about a sex-positive Christianity. As I prepare for the course, “Ministering in Matters of Sexuality” it occurs to me that others might be interested in knowing the sources I am using. So, here they are:

There are three theologians writing in the last few years who delve into the...

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Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes: 4 Webinars

I am excited to announce we have a four-part webinar titled, “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes” to help people who are caught in the trap of religiously-induced sex negativity (shame and guilt) – and to help those who love them. The questions we answer are, “How in God’s name did the church become so antagonistic to the body and sex?”, “What is an alternative to the way the church...

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2016 Preaching & Teaching Schedule

United Christian Church of Levittown, PA.

8525 New Falls Rd. 


Feb 14 - "Power, Temptation, & Valentines"

A look at the temptations of Jesus through the eyes of a sex-positive application on Valentine's Day

March 20 - "Looking for a Savior-- Finding Oneself" 

If we have low self-esteem and sexual self-confidence then, like the adoring crowds waving palm branches we are tempted to seek our deliverance from those outside ourselves. What would happen if we looked for the Savior within? A celebration of Palm Sunday.

WORSHIP - 10:30 - 11:45 A.M.

NOTE: Several of Rev Bev's sermons can be seen online.

NOTE: Rev Bev is teaching as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary this semester, Feb-April.

March 13 - Dignity Philadelphia 7 pm

In celebration of women's history month, Rev Bev will be preaching at Dignity Philadelphia worship service about the gifts of the feminine that people of faith must cultivate if we are to save Mother Earth and Sister Sea. St Luke and the Epiphany at 330 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA


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"Finding Good News about Sex, Pleasure, and Diversity in the Bible"



JUNE 8-12 AASECT Conference - San Juan, Puerto Rico


"Data and Dogma: Reframing our Conversations to Advance Sexual Health in Religious Communities"



Announcing a new non-profit devoted to teaching an inclusive,  science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity!