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Christians and Sacred Sex

Every now and then I get a sexual question from a Christian trying to sort through sexual ethics in a moral way. The latest one is about Tantric sex and here is my answer.

I have a question regarding Tantra, sexuality and Christianity. Do you think we can embrace it and if so how can even a latent follower find peace to enjoy it?

My simple understanding of Tantra is that it is an intentional...

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On Being an Ambassador for Christ in Difficult Times - A Lenten Meditation

This is a difficult time politically right now. Even though most of us in the US are descendants of immigrants we are watching as refugees from war-torn countries are being forced to leave US shores, some to return to starvation and homelessness, others to return to persecution or death due to their sexual orientation. Others turned away at our shores have jobs, homes and animals they left behind...

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2017 Preaching & Teaching Schedule

United Christian Church of Levittown

8525 New Falls Rd. Levittown, PA.


July 9 - July 30 - September 3 - October 8 -

November 26

WORSHIP - 10:30 - 11:45 A.M.

Never heard a body-positive Christian sermon? Rev Bev's sermons are video taped and can be seen online on her YouTube channel - RevBeverlyDale or on the church website. Become a subscriber.

In addition, Dr. Dale serves as an teaching professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster PA. Her courses include:

August 5-Oct.7 "Ministering in Matters of Sexuality" (PL230)


October 24-Nov. 22-"Body Justice: Current Sexual Topics for the Church" (PL 242)





2017 Programmatic Events...

June 15-18 - American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, (AASECT) Las Vegas, NV

   Changing the Conversation: A Sexual Empowerment Model for Faith Communities

June 24 - Libido Talks sponsors a panel discussion - The Atlas Performing Arts Center - Washington DC

    Why Wait? Fornicate!"

July 14-16 - Poly Dallas Millenium, Dallas TX

  Opening the Bible to Open Relationships

August 4-6 - Woodhull Freedom Summit, Arlington VA         

 Defusing the Power of Toxic Religion for Sexual Advocacy


Oct 27-29 Level #2 Training the Trainer, Philadelphia, PA for sexologists and clergy/seminarians


Nov 9-12 - Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) San Juan, Puerto      

"Deconstructing Erotophobic Christian Teaching Without Destroying Faith"

Announcing a new non-profit devoted to teaching an inclusive,  science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity!