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Discerning Culture,Truth, & Christian Sexual Ethics

As King Solomon asked God for the ability to discern what is right, so we are called to discern how much of our Christian beliefs are based in culture and how much is universal truth for our spiritual journey. In hindsight we can easily tell that biblical characters struggle through the restrictions of their culture and its rules, but it is not so easy to see our own. Thank Goodness, nothing...

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The Next Frontier at the Intersection of Sex and Politics: My Viewpoint

The cultural wars to limit women’s sexual freedom and the rhetoric to divide us into ‘us versus them’ categories are evidence that in the frontier ahead there is a fork in the road. As a culture we have to decide if we will continue with a rule-based sexual moral system or if we will turn towards a justice-centered morality. That is the choice before us.

A rule based moral system requires we...

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Why God Says Sex is Good 2/22/14

Who will lead the missionary movement in the US to integrate the mind, body, and spirit? Those that are Christian identified and sexually curious? Or, those who are sexually aware but religiously disappointed? Regardless, somebody needs to put on a pink boa and say, “Lighten up with the restrictions on pleasure, guys! It is all good!”

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Rev. Dale will take us...

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Polyamory OR Christianity: Not an Either/Or Feb 5-9/2014

Some brave scholars have publicly stated that the Bible doesn’t support marriage as one man and one woman (Duh!). So now how do we decide what is cultural and how do we create relationships that are spiritually and psychologically healthy…especially now that evolutionary biologists, sexologists, and sociologists are finding biological, genetic and sociological evidence that, as a species, we are...

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We're the Ones We're Waiting For 9/21/13

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is hosting its annual conference in DC in September and includes a workshop by Rev Bev as she continues her work recruiting people to become advocates for and missionaries of spreading the good news about pleasure.

"It is past time to speak up and spread our views that our sexual bodies, sexual variety and sensual pleasure is all about good news and...

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Intro to a Body Friendly Christianity 5/14/13

Although the central teaching of Christianity is supposed to be the incarnation, that is, God-in-the-flesh, positive teaching about sexuality is in short supply amid the repressive dogmas throughout the church history. This class, taught by Rev Dr Beverly Dale is designed to subvert those teachings by presenting a body-positive, inclusive biblical interpretation and theological...

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Out of the Head, Into the Body, then Out of the Body into Ecstasy 5/12/13

Sometimes we think too much. This can easily get us into trouble both in the bedroom and on our faith journey. Thinking too much in the bedroom can become what is known as 'spectatoring',  the practice of watching intimacy rather than experiencing it. And, in our spiritual lives faith and religion simply get reduced to a list of things to believe and becomes a series of platitudes....

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We are excited to tell you of a new non-profit that provides inclusive,  science-based, sex positive Christian programming!