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Living in the Underbelly: A Strategy

During the first Bush war the faculty and staff at the university where I worked organized several teach-ins to make clear what was at stake. The word "empire" was only just being embraced by the Bush administration as a positive description of the US. One political scientist compared empires to an 800 pound gorilla whose mammoth size creates all kinds of problems, kind of like a...

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Christians and Sacred Sex

Every now and then I get a sexual question from a Christian trying to sort through sexual ethics in a moral way. The latest one is about Tantric sex and here is my answer.

I have a question regarding Tantra, sexuality and Christianity. Do you think we can embrace it and if so how can even a latent follower find peace to enjoy it?

My simple understanding of Tantra is that it is an intentional...

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2018 Preaching & Teaching Schedule

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January 21  -  Feb 11  -  March 18


WORSHIP - 10:30 - 11:45 A.M.

Never heard a body-positive Christian sermon? Rev Bev's sermons are video taped and can be seen online on her YouTube channel - RevBeverlyDale or on the church website. Become a subscriber.

 Dr. Dale serves as an teaching professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster PA.


2018 Programmatic Events...

Feb 23-25 Level #1 Training the Trainer, Philadelphia, PA for sexologists and clergy/seminarians APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW...DEADLINE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS - FEB 1




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