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God as Erotic Passion

If you had to put your thoughts on God and sex into one sentence, could you do it? The connection of the sacred and the physical, the intimate link between our soul’s search and our body’s sensual experiences is at the heart of my understanding of Christian spirituality. It is the deepest truth of the incarnation. It is also my life’s passion and the focus of my call to ministry. So when I...

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It's Happening Over and Over: It's Embarrassing

For two weeks in a row now sexually conflicted married male Christian pastors have destroyed their careers. Why? Because they did not deal with their sexual needs in a healthy or appropriate way.

First, a Michigan pastor and father of five who had an anti-gay theology was forced to resign when he was outed for doing what he so self-righteously condemned others for doing. The following week a...

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Upcoming Events

2015 Preaching Schedule for Rev Bev

United Christian Church of Levittown, PA 8525 New Falls Rd.

10:30 a.m.

Sept. 6 "Breaking Open our Hearts and Opening our Eyes"

Rev Bev will explore the connection between our sexual fears and racism on this "Day of Confession, Repentance, Prayer, and Commitment to End Racism"  called by the AME Bishops following the shooting deaths of the “Emanuel Nine” in Charleston, S.C.

Oct. 4

Nov. 1

Nov. 29


Nov 8 Presbyterian Church - Lawrenceville NJ

Rev Bev will speak after the worship services on "Using the Bible to find Good News About the Body"

2688 Main Street (Route 206)
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648


NOV 12 Rev Bev Special Guest at THE CHARGE STATION

A unique happy hour at 1200 Sansom St Philadelphia, PA where the focus is on self-empowerment and networking with others who are building their dreams.

Dec. 8-11 National Sex Ed Conference - New Brunswick NJ

Worship title: "Deconstructing Christian Erotophobia for Better Sex Education." Helping sex educators and counselors find a common ground with people of faith that allows for movement out of religiously-induced guilt and shame toward healing and wholeness.

Announcing a new non-profit devoted to teaching an inclusive,  science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity!