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What is sex positivity? In Less than 1000 Words

It never occurred to me that people would not understand this idea, but then again, we are so surrounded by symptoms of sex negativity that perhaps positivity about the sexual body is simply too rare to see. Others have defined sex positivity but how can Christians do so? The Incarnation Institute for Sex and Faith teaches an inclusive, science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity by...

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Where is the Love? Repentance and Transformation

A Sex Positive Sermon - January 2015

Using the scriptures of John’s baptism and the baptism of the spirit, Dr. Dale explains how our definitions of sex sin miss the mark. She calls us to personal discernment of the life of the Spirit suggesting this is where Love is to be found.


Today I would like to focus our attention on John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism (Mark 1:4-11, Acts...

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Biblical Erotica? Why not? 12/16/14

Prior to the readings at the monthly Erotic Literary Salon, Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale  will present poetry and music to inspire us to bring the sacred to any sexual exploration. She will give a quick run through of the key biblical words and passages that will shake up your ideas and open the door to sex positive views.“We'll look past biblical misogyny with its procreative bias and ...

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Biblical Stories and Sexual Ethics 12/4/14

Ever wondered if Bathsheba gave her consent when King David ordered her to his house for the purpose of having sex? And if she did not (and how does one say 'no' to a king anyway?!) can we not call that rape? Hm-m-m, bet you never heard a sermon on that angle! Or, is seduction ever honorable? Seems Ruth and Naomi thought it was justified. And in the Samson and Delilah story why is it that Delilah...

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Why God Says Sex is Good 2/22/14

Who will lead the missionary movement in the US to integrate the mind, body, and spirit? Those that are Christian identified and sexually curious? Or, those who are sexually aware but religiously disappointed? Regardless, somebody needs to put on a pink boa and say, “Lighten up with the restrictions on pleasure, guys! It is all good!”

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Rev. Dale will take us...

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Polyamory OR Christianity: Not an Either/Or Feb 5-9/2014

Some brave scholars have publicly stated that the Bible doesn’t support marriage as one man and one woman (Duh!). So now how do we decide what is cultural and how do we create relationships that are spiritually and psychologically healthy…especially now that evolutionary biologists, sexologists, and sociologists are finding biological, genetic and sociological evidence that, as a species, we are...

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We're the Ones We're Waiting For 9/21/13

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is hosting its annual conference in DC in September and includes a workshop by Rev Bev as she continues her work recruiting people to become advocates for and missionaries of spreading the good news about pleasure.

"It is past time to speak up and spread our views that our sexual bodies, sexual variety and sensual pleasure is all about good news and...

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Announcing a new non-profit devoted to teaching an inclusive,  science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity!