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Experiential Workshops

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Rev Dale is available for speaking engagements or to lead workshops on a variety of topics related to faith and sexuality.

Introduction to a Body-Positive Christianity

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Whose Body is it Anyway? Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality: An Interactive Discussion with the Bible

Can a post-modern generation find guidance or answers from a pre-modern religious text? Rev Bev facilitates an entertaining storytelling session of biblical texts that feature dysfunctional families and relationships as a way glean the truths about how we are to love one another. Audience members voluntarily participate as actors as well as family counselors, lovers, well-intentioned friends, doctors, and a host of other roles to enter the biblical story thereby discovering our own biases and cultural assumptions and learning how to improve our own relationships.

Rev Bev is a performer who loves an audience and a group facilitator who makes the difficult topics easy to discuss. As a pastor, scholar, and counselor she uses her skills to help bring about understanding to some of the most difficult parts of our lives-our intimate relationships.

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Introduction to a Gay-Friendly Christianity

Next discussion: Tuesday February 26, 2013. See Mount Airy Learning Tree for location and to register. http://mtairylearningtree.org

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Other Workshops

Other workshops are also available and can be designed or modified to suit the audience needs. Please contact us for more information.

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