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Experiential Workshops

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Rev Dale is available for speaking engagements or to lead workshops on a variety of topics related to faith and sexuality.


“Because the title alone terrified me, I knew I needed to attend.”

"I am an atheist and yet, this workshop has been life transforming."



Introduction to a Body-Positive Christianity

The central teaching of Christianity is supposed to be the incarnation, that is, God-in-the-flesh however, affirming teaching about sexuality has been difficult to find amid the repressive dogmas through the church history. But this class is designed to subvert those teachings by presenting body-positive and inclusive biblical interpretation and theological views that promote gender and sexual equality as well as ethically grounded sexual exploration.

The Rev Dr Beverly Dale, has served as a solo church pastor and as a campus minister at the University of Pennsylvania where she focused especially on women’s erotic empowerment and the hook up culture. She believes guilt and shame have no place in our sexual lives.

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“I see now that I was raised with the notion that pleasure is inherently selfish and therefore suspect!”



Whose Body is it Anyway? Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality: An Interactive Discussion with the Bible

Can a post-modern generation find guidance or answers from a pre-modern religious text? Rev Bev facilitates an entertaining storytelling session of biblical texts that feature dysfunctional families and relationships as a way glean the truths about how we are to love one another. Audience members voluntarily participate as actors as well as family counselors, lovers, well-intentioned friends, doctors, and a host of other roles to enter the biblical story thereby discovering our own biases and cultural assumptions and learning how to improve our own relationships.

Rev Bev is a performer who loves an audience and a group facilitator who makes the difficult topics easy to discuss. As a pastor, scholar, and counselor she uses her skills to help bring about understanding to some of the most difficult parts of our lives-our intimate relationships.

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“This reaffirmed what I know to be true, I am a sexual being and I am not ashamed!”



Introduction to a Gay-Friendly Christianity

The (mis)use of the Bible and the Christian bully pulpit to justify discrimination against the sexual minority communities and homophobia are well-known. This class will teach how to correctly interpret the “clobber passages” in the Bible that are used and to show the central church teachings that offer instead a positive Christian message that embraces and affirms sexual diversity.

The Rev Dr Beverly Dale, is a straight ally who served on the board of the LGBT Center at UPenn and was honored for her work to pass the Domestic Partnership law in Philadelphia.

Next discussion: Tuesday February 26, 2013. See Mount Airy Learning Tree for location and to register. http://mtairylearningtree.org

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Other Workshops

Other workshops are also available and can be designed or modified to suit the audience needs. Please contact us for more information.

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