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Hot Tub Podcast Series

This following Hot Tub Podcasts are part of the first series done by Rev Bev, called "Hot Tub Series." There are a total of ten podcasts in this series, and each is available for download by clicking on the links below.

When I'm out of touch with my body

This podcast addresses sexual trauma and disconnection with our body selves.


Jesus in the Bedroom

Jesus was God-in-the-flesh. Following His example, to desire intimacy both emotionally and physically is human.


When I experience body guilt

Rev Bev assures you that in the Christian tradition, there is nothing you have ever said or done, or failed to say or do that could possibly put you beyond the reach of God's forgiveness.


When I don't like my body

Rev Bev explains that you are beautiful the way you are because God made no one else quite like you.


Why the Hot Tub

Rev Bev explains that we are "wondrously made" and should integrate our sexuality with our spirituality.


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