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Sexuality-Focused Sermons

Rev Dale is available for preaching or speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics. However, her passion is to help people of faith think theologically about the barriers to a guilt-free and life-affirming perspective towards our bodies and our sexuality.

Here are some of the sermons that focus on this topic:

Out of the Head, Into the Body, Then, Out of the Body into Ecstasy

Abstract: Unfortunately being a believer is only a head trip for many Christians that involves memorized creeds or dogmas. Rev Bev explains how we have to get out of our heads and into our bodies to live as Jesus did a beginning step. However, if we are to get to ecstasy this must be followed by our effort to get out of our bodies in order to move us into the possibility for living ecstatic lives of joy and sensuous pleasure.

Being Born Again: Re-Birthing Our Views of the Body

Abstract: In this sermon Rev Bev suggests that we would do well to leave behind the concrete certainty in our approach to Christianity as Nicodemus thought concretely about being reborn and move instead toward mystery. by doing so we stay open to the spiritual experience of being transformed. And it is this kind of rebirthing that is needed if we are ever to move out of our our stuck places with regard to our bodies and our sexuality. Offered March 20, 2011, to Dignity of Philadelphia. Based on John 3:1-17.

The Orgy that Was Eden: How Far We Have Fallen

Abstract: Dr Dale suggests that the excessiveness of the sensuality of the garden of Eden and the excessive indulgence of God in loving the creation qualifies as an orgy, especially when the first earth creatures "were naked and were unashamed." Being clothed becomes the metaphor for following our own egos ("I want to see what eating from the tree of knowledge would be like." and the way we build defenses against the intimacy that is possible with God and with others.

Offered at Calvary United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA, on March 13, 2011. The host pastor said, this sermon "named creation as good, meaning we--bodies--are good and that the bodily passion that flows through us in the energy of both delight and the compassionate grounding of justice. Good...solid..."

The Juicy UU Challenge to the Creedal Ones

Abstract: Rev Bev calls on the Unitarian Universalist congregations to step up to the plate and take leadership in addressing some of the most pressing sexuality issues in our culture. She says as humanists and as a non-creedal congregations they are better positioned as leaders than are others who, while supportive of an affirmative sexuality, must first work through the obstacles of cumbersome creeds and biblical passages.

Recovering the God of Eros: Listening to a Different Drummer

Abstract: Without Eros, society and individuals sink into a culture of violence and death, as exemplified by the United States' fear-motivated, ego-driven war on Iraq. As Christians, our path is guided by Eros. We are filled with spontaneous and exuberant love, delight, child-like wonder; the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Body Ambivalence in the Body of Christ

Abstract: In our pornography-saturated, sex-objectified culture, it is essential for Christians to voice a perspective on sexuality that is affirming and constructive, based on the image of God as Eros, passion, and love. This image of God invites us to respond in dance and celebration in all aspects of life, including our bodies and relationships

Incarnation: God in These Bodies

Abstract: Combining the idea of Jesus as God-in-the-flesh (including many fleshy aspects that Christians usually prefer to ignore) with the idea of God as pleasure-seeking and sensual, brings us to an embodied Christian ethic. The God of Eros/ The Life Force brings us into love, passion, generosity, and the transcending of divisions, not just for our spiritual selves, but for our body selves

Calling All Lovers

Abstract: Rev Bev rejects interpretations of "go forth and multiply" that emphasize the importance of procreation or view sex as a necessary evil. She suggests instead that we use God's abundant sensuality (demonstrated in the diversity and beauty of creation, as well as in sensual humanity created in his image) to reinterpret this passage as "go forth and make love."

Slaying Giants and Calming the Seas:  Do we dare?

Abstract:  Rev Dale suggests that one of the giants roaming the US culture is sexual repression, and the stormy seas of today is the pain and suffering that result. She challenges Christians to step forward to address this rampant fear of sexuality, and to heal the damage that has been created as a result.