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Published Writing

Rev Bev has published a variety of columns and articles on justice causes but only the sexuality/ faith-based topics are included on this website.

Dear Kailey
on The Progressive Christian blog

Abstract: As a concerned aunt, Rev Bev writes to a niece about the dangers of choosing violence, whether it is a career as a cog in the military industrial complex, or whether it is as a society. The linkages among our sexually repressed society, our embrace of violence and competition, and favoring male domination are quite clear. We continue in this way to our peril.

This is a shortened version of an earlier article published in The Progressive Christian called "At War with Pleasure." It can be purchased for $2.60 at www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/213717

Dance of the Feminists
in Just Women, published by International Disciples Women's Ministries

Abstract: Rev. Bev grew up with a male-dominated church tradition which has long taught that women are designed mainly to obediently support men. Eventually, secular feminists pointed her on the path to affirming her womanhood, demanding equal access to all that life has to offer, and reading the gospel primarily as a story of liberation.

Wisdom in the Bible, Wisdom in the Clinic
in the newsletter of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Abstract: Three grandmothers became pregnant; two had abortions and one carried her baby to term. The sense of responsibility that these women demonstrate in their personal lives and their age-earned wisdom challenge us to trust their decision making, rather than apply pre-conceived judgments to their actions.

Single and Satisfied
in Just Women, published by International Disciples Women's Ministries

Abstract: Celebrate singleness! Jesus' teachings of "radical egalitarianism" support modern culture's emphasis on individual freedom. Biblical examples affirm single women being sexual, sensual, and stepping out from under their gender roles when necessary in order to facilitate spiritual growth.

Accompanied by God: Surviving Sexual Abuse
in The Other Side magazine

Abstract: This article is for anyone who has ever asked the question "Where was God when there was sexual abuse happening?" Using the language of faith and with a goal of understanding what can't be well understood, this thoughtful first person account explains the "forgetting" and denial that frequently accompanies these experiences.

Using the Bible to Address Adolescent Sexuality Issues
in National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention Network (now the Healthy Teen Network)

Abstract: Rev Bev presents a series of biblical stories and teachings, and teases out of each one a list of questions for discussion and consideration. In examining these stories and questions, thoughtful seekers will discern a sexual ethic that is relevant to our modern times.

I Am Eros
in DisciplesWorld

Abstract: An original poem answering the question: who or what is Eros?

Straight Folks Have Closets, Too
in the Daily Pennsylvanian

Abstract: Living in a closet is letting others define us. We can hide all sorts of things, whether it is our true vocational calling, our desire to break free from societal roles, or even our vulnerability. Only in "coming out" of our closets will we be able to live with integrity and vitality.

How Long, O Lord, Before We Can Discuss Sexuality Gracefully?
in the newsletter of the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia

Abstract: Why does the church's hypocrisy emerge so distinctly around this issue? At the mere mention of sex or gender, ultimate values of grace, love, and prayerful discernment go flying out the window, to be replaced by legalism and outdated biases.