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Quality Sex

How to Have a G-R-E-A-T!!! Sex life…

A check list for Quality Sex

___I know it’s all about my mind

___I am self-confident. I love your body (including every extra pound, small scar, and tiny wrinkle.)

___I believe I am a beautiful person because I have a beautiful “temple” where God already resides…permanently!

___I believe and trust in my inner Body Wisdom that is connected to Spirit Wisdom.

___I listen to each impulse in my body, and when appropriate, I have the courage to act on it. I know it will lead me to my primal desires which are a gift from God.

___I know it’s all about my spirit

            ___I am open to the beauty of an intimate encounter with another person who is also made in God’s image.

___I have no guilt or shame and am willing to openly address any of the fears either I or my partner has.

___I trust my partner and my own instincts.

___I will listen to my conscience.

___I can be in the present moment and am prepared to risk vulnerability.

___I know it’s all about my body

___I know my own body what I like and what doesn’t work for me.

___I do NOT assume any behavior of others on tv, pornographic photos or any line I read will turn anybody on.

___I will honor my own uniqueness recognizing each encounter is unique to me and my partner.

___I know it’s all about connecting in the relationship

            ___I know being able to communicate well and often with my partner is like dancing.  

___I know that if I can’t confess my hesitations, fears, or wants and desires, with this partner then I am not ready for quality sex.


Remember, when we integrate our minds, bodies and spirits it opens the doorway to sexuality as an encounter with the Sacred. So, practice!