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Pole Dancing and Newt Gingrich: Different Dance, Same Game

If it all wasn’t so serious the headlines about sex and religion would be hilarious. A young woman in Texas is teaching classes entitled “Pole Dancing for Jesus.” This breaking story, (brought to us by FOX News, of course,) prompted one comment that this might be opening the door to new sexuality focused classes such as “Blow jobs for Jesus!” Frankly, I can’t see a whole lot of difference between the two. What pole dancing has to do with the life and ministry of Jesus is zilch! And while having...

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Anglican Priests leave 'Maverick Church'

The BBC reports that there are 600 Anglican priests leaving their church and heading for a home with the Catholic Church (while only 14 Roman Catholic priests moved to the Church of England in the last 5 years. ) The reason for the shift? The church has decided to ordain women as bishops! Egads! Didn’t we leave 1950 behind about 60 years ago? Where have these people been?

Serious efforts have been made to define, identify and then eradicate sexism within the Christian tradition,...

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Appreciating One Another

My award given to me by the Women of Color at Penn was a lovely gesture and one which this “woman of no color” is quite humbled to receive. But after the banquet and award ceremony, a faculty member at the University came up to me to thank me for my all the work in trying to understand and work against racial injustice when I was on campus. He said, “You always got it. You were always on the right side and seemed to know what we needed to do." (to address the an injustice.) Now, as a...

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Wither Hot and Sweaty Movies?

Recently the New York Times had a column lamenting “The Closing of the American Erotic.” It noted that as a culture we are reticent to show too much of our erotic nature in film but not at all shy about depicting violence. (by Manhohla Dargis 2/13/11) The author reminisces about the strong female leads in movies that once had serious messages “in which sex mattered as much if not more than violence.” However, today we have “disposable pretty women smiling on the sidelines” thanks to the...

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Culture War: Why I am not Afraid

This a turbulent time in US culture. Just take the pulse of the red state/blue state divide, or hear the rage of the so-called tea party, or look at the website crosshairs aimed at congress people who don’t vote for fear. Yes, vote for fear. As we commemorate 38 years of legalized abortions in the US let’s remember that voting for fear is what the anti-choice people are doing. Afraid women will not be kept in their place. Afraid sexual pleasure may take precedence over procreation. Afraid...

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Grounded Love or Romance with Regrets?

Clergy for Choice Newsletter January 2011

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Body Scanners: Revisiting Trauma

When the Philadelphia airport installed the new body scanner equipment I notified American Airlines and US Air that I will not be flying under these conditions. I also destroyed two credit cards that I used to collect air miles indicating my reasons to the companies. This requirement to show my sexual body parts or allow them to be felt by strangers repeats what happened to me as a little girl at the hands of an Uncle.  As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I do not want to relive...

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Disobeyng the Church to be Moral

 If there was ever an event that shows how little the Catholic church values the lives of women, it is in the case of Bishop Omstead in Phoenix who threatened and is now punishing St Joseph Medical Center because the doctors chose to save a woman’s  life by terminating her pregnancy. Claiming it was his responsibility “to interpret the moral law and to teach the Catholic faith as a successor of the Apostles” the Bishop has removed all Catholic affiliation and the sacraments and...

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Detribalizing to Address Hiv/AIDS

Is there any good news for World Aids Day? Will this scourge ever go away? Probably not according to Dr Robert Fulilove from Columbia University who spoke at City Hall at this city’s commemoration. He reminded us that although we have known how to cure Chlamydia for decades, it still exists.  Unfortunately, cure is not the same thing as eradication. This disease is a social one and comes with stigmas and stereotypes as well as class distinctions. This probably explains why, in my adopted...

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Bedroom Boredom

The headline reads “Baby Boomers are Sexually Dissatisfied.” The research shows the dissatisfaction rate of (24%) is nearly double that rate of those who are 18-29 year olds (12%)l but also is significantly higher than those over 66 years of age (17%). Now one would expect younger people to be more satisfied since this is more likely to be a time of sexual exploration, new loves and the rosy days of new experiences. And those over 66 may not be as dissatisfied simply because they have had more...

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