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What’s the big deal about “sex” and “God” in the same sentence?

I realize many people refuse to talk about religion, politics, or sex because they are just to-o-o-o-o fraught with landmines. Yet, how can we possibly solve our global problems, religious strife and relationship and intimacy issues if we can’t talk about these things?

People who know me, of course, know that I am all about jumpstarting conversations about religion and sexuality. Contrary to what the virginity movement and much of Christendom says, it is possible to be faithful and sexual....

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URGENT: Harrisburg to Slash Safety Net While No One is Looking

"As you do it to the least of these, you do it to me." Jesus said. So what would he do with this last minute effort by Harrisburg legislators to slash the safety net for the most marginalized? Citizens who care about protecting them must make calls today or tomorrow about5 HB 960 to your state representative and to Rep. Turzai, the House Majority Leader and Rep. Dermondy, the House Minority Leader. Ask them to vote NO on HB 960. It is expected to be voted on quickly after its passage...

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Reflecting on the Furor of Sexting

I just don’t get the media hype about congressman Weiner’s tweeting and sexting. Presumably if it was done on work time or in his office one could make the argument he was being unethical with government time and money. On the other hand, the manic obsession of reporters hounding him was totally out of proportion to his infractions from my viewpoint. It is true that to engage in this kind of duplicitous behavior when a newly wed with a baby on the way. And it reveals he is either a really...

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Further Reflections on the Radio Show on Reproductive Choice

The radio show host was intrigued (scandalized? irritated? befuddled?) that I had made a statement at a press conference call that said abortion can be a moral choice and giving birth can be the sin. Apparently, since he views all abortion as murder of a life he totally discounted the first phrase of my sentence as outside the realm of moral possibility. The second half however was his focus. As I indicated on the show however the definition of sin is important here. My definition is that...

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Woodstock made them do it

The study is in. The reason for incredibly high sexual abuse cases by priests in the Roman Catholic Church over the last 60 years is because of the sexual confusion in the culture at large. The one and a half million dollar research study by John Jay College that was sponsored by, in part, the US Council of Bishops, has concluded that these changing mores in society in combination with priests who were vulnerable, confused, and who lacked social supports created the conditions for the abuse of...

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The Collapse of the So-Called Progressive Christian Tent

The supposed Progressive Christian tent that has been sold to the Obama administration was never progressive as long as white hetero men are running the show. I am not sure why folks thought differently. In my mind there was never any mistake that Jim Wallis, one of the most visible heads of this tent was a progressive. He has not surrounded himself with feminists (I know because I volunteered to talk with him about this and was ignored.) and it would seem he has not done his spiritual...

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Presbyterians Decide for Choice in LGBT Ordination

After more than 35 years of votes, recriminations, mud slinging, oh yes, and study and prayer, (Yes, all those things are possible at the same time within the church!), the Presbyterians (PCUSA) have ratified a voted to allow ordination for those from sexual minority communities. With a vote of 205 for and 56 against they join the US Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church as partners who now allow LGBT people full church membership and leadership....

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Sex: A Benefit or A Sin?

When is the last time we heard the good news that sex is good for us? Probably seldom, in spite of the fact that all kinds of research shows overwhelmingly support that a sexually active life keeps us physically and psychologically healthier. It is good for our relationships, in part, because it releases a hormone called oxycontin that is known as the ‘bonding hormone.’ This is what gives us the “warm fuzzy” feelings toward our lovers (even toward the total stranger one just hooked up with, a...

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A Body Positive, Sex Affirming Christianity or Body-Hating Repression: Our Choice

The attempts by Congressional Republicans to eliminate all funding from Planned Parenthood has finally and clearly exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-abortion stance. To be rational in the abortion debate, if one is against a legal abortion then one would have to also support all efforts to prevent contraception. This would include science-based comprehensive sex-education (rather than the dismal failure of abstinence-only) and support of wide access to safe and easily affordable contraception....

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What’s with the Body Weight? SEX!

Always on the lookout for news about sex I have three research studies that have collected about our bodies. Perhaps it is no surprise to some but Fitness magazine reports that over half (51%) of all American women would give up sex for a year if they could just be skinny while 43% say they skip meals and 39% have taken diet pills to lose weight. (March 2011)

Just recently, a new study has confirmed a previous study that there is a strong correlation between those who attend church and...

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