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Larry Flynt Understands Sex but not Morality

I didn't know we have already had a gay president (James Buchanan). I didn't know the president from Illinois where I was born and raised, Abraham Lincoln, liked to sleep with men nor did I know just how devious J Edgar Hoover was in blackmailing so many as the head of the FBI.All this and more are juicy tidbits from Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach's book "One Nation Under Sex." One would think that with the word sex in the title and the Hustler publisher (Larry Flynt) in the...

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Uninvited Guests in the Bedroom?

The question on the index card read, “I have never had an orgasmic experience…I am Catholic and the church frowns upon masturbation. How do you recommend moving past that negativity?” I immediately had the vision of the Pope in his big pointy hat and white robes standing at the bedside wagging a judgmental finger. My response was, “You have to get the Pope out of your bedroom!” For those of us who were unfortunate enough to have a strong religious background that included much sexual...

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Meditating on the Sexual Body: A Summary

The room was full of people who had come to hear some good news about their sexual bodies and spirituality. As the program unfolded folks learned; there is a difference between purity (which is not a biblical expectation for humanity) and holiness (And that is an expectation that translates to how we treat ourselves and others.), that it is ok to ‘seduce ourselves’ as we enjoy our bodies, that reverence and joy can be associated with our own sexual bodies, that while we are more than our bodies...

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Salvation Army Against Sexual Pleasure

I guess I should not have been surprised but the ignorance of sexual repression always astonishes me. Here is what happened:

I went to a women’s shelter staffed by the Salvation Army with the intention of offering free admission for any of the woman who wanted to attend my fall programming on “Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality.” I asked the program staff person,

“Would you have anyone here who could benefit from a program focused on positive body images and self-care? My program on 10/15...

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Who is Funding Progressives?

Just as the pastor moves into a series of stewardship sermons I am informed by a well-known and wonderfully insightful author/theologian  that there is very little money to be made in books written for the liberal audience. (Are we not reading here or simply going to the library?) Then, not an hour later I hear of an effective religious organization that is seeking to address the political attacks on a healthy sexuality that has a hard time finding funds. Another organization of clergy...

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Modern Day Ugandan Prophet Relives Elijah Story

When the prophet Elijah went up against the false prophets of King Ahab he had to escape for his life to a cave at Mt Horeb. Now Rev Mark Kiyimba, the pastor of a Unitarian Universalist church in Kampala, Uganda finds that the Ugandan powers-that-be are threatened by the life-affirming stance of inclusion and acceptance lived out in his congregation’s ministry. So because he has spoken publicly and forcefully for civil rights for the sexual minority communities he has had to flee from this...

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Austrian Priests Rebel Against Forced Celibacy

It’s as if we are reliving the Reformation! The Roman Catholic Church is being challenged by its own priests just as Martin Luther and his colleagues demanded an end to the requirement of celibacy in the 16th century. Today in Austria Catholic priests are again pushing against this rule as a requirement for their profession. The movement of seven hundred married priests in an organization (Priests Without a Job) and four hundred priests who have signed a document demanding that Roman...

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Fear of Sexual Passion Drives Pornography Battle by Christian Counselors

I admit it. I momentarily blew a gasket after reading about Christian counselors urging prayer and repentance for any Christian who has been watching pornography. (Internet accessibility means fewer choose reading and looking at photos that was done earlier.) What I find so incredibly ignorant is when they say watching porn is a sin because the Bible says so (!? Chapter and verse please.) or because God forbids it (! And which commandment might that be?) or because it violates the marriage (and...

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Thinking about Porn

     I asked the young man sitting next to me why he came to hear Larry Flynt, the founder and publisher of the porn magazine Hustler, who was on a book signing tour for his new book One Nation Under Sex. I knew that my seat mate probably had not been born during Flynt’s near  assassination nor when he had won the groundbreaking Supreme court case on free speech in “Flynt vs Falwell” He replied,

     “Well, I like pornography and I like Hustler in...

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Fears of Flying Return

I love to listen to the titans of the women’s movement, to hear their opinions about where we are now and what they think we need to do to make feminism a core democratic value. So listening to Erica Jong, the author of the “Fear of Flying that put her on the map in the 1970s, was a priority for me. She was in town to promote the new book she edited by women writing erotica for women entitled, “Sugar in My Bowl.”


I appreciate any time someone, usually a woman, tries to lift the sights for...

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