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Larry Flynt Understands Sex but not Morality

I didn't know we have already had a gay president (James Buchanan). I didn't know the president from Illinois where I was born and raised, Abraham Lincoln, liked to sleep with men nor did I know just how devious J Edgar Hoover was in blackmailing so many as the head of the FBI.All this and more are juicy tidbits from Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach's book "One Nation Under Sex." One would think that with the word sex in the title and the Hustler publisher (Larry Flynt) in the...

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Uninvited Guests in the Bedroom?
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Meditating on the Sexual Body: A Summary
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Salvation Army Against Sexual Pleasure
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Who is Funding Progressives?

Just as the pastor moves into a series of stewardship sermons I am informed by a well-known and wonderfully insightful author/theologian  that there is very little money to be made in books written for the liberal audience. (Are we not reading here or simply going to the library?) Then, not an hour later I hear of an effective religious organization that is seeking to address the political attacks on a healthy sexuality that has a hard time finding funds. Another organization of clergy...

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Modern Day Ugandan Prophet Relives Elijah Story
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Austrian Priests Rebel Against Forced Celibacy
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Fear of Sexual Passion Drives Pornography Battle by Christian Counselors

I admit it. I momentarily blew a gasket after reading about Christian counselors urging prayer and repentance for any Christian who has been watching pornography. (Internet accessibility means fewer choose reading and looking at photos that was done earlier.) What I find so incredibly ignorant is when they say watching porn is a sin because the Bible says so (!? Chapter and verse please.) or because God forbids it (! And which commandment might that be?) or because it violates the marriage (and...

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Thinking about Porn
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Fears of Flying Return
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