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Filling the Well with Peace

Argh! Somebody maliciously and intentionally cloned my Facebook page in order to get a new list of people to either sell something or send a virus to, or worse yet, to send out something in my name to destroy my reputation. (I prefer to be in charge of that myself!  And by the way, the correct FB page is Rev. Beverly Dale.) As I am using lots of time and energy to clean up this mess I am reading the wonderful posts of friends as they expend their...

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VIDEO: Gender Variation

In a post-modern world we know the flaws of either/or thinking. So why is it that we still try to force people into male OR female categories? Even the Bible with the pre-modern framework of its writers understood that gender divisions are not to be the focus for those in Christ. And yet, despite the ways traditional science documents the prevalence of gender variety, we still want to force people into categories and cultural boxes that may not fit them. But the problem is not with the pink or...

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When Violence Seems to Triumph

There is a lot of very bad theology out there right how to attempt to explain why the massacre of school children recently occurred in Connecticut. So when someone expressed fears of violence happening on their campus and doubts about the wisdom of bringing more children into an insane culture that embraces and allows free access to assault weapons by anyone I offer my own theology. I hope you find it helpful.

Remember the Bible says "Perfect love casts out fear."  So...

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VIDEO: Self-Pleasure is good!
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Rev Bev Receives Community Service Award

The Diabolique Foundation has awarded their 2012 Community Service Award to Rev Bev because she is a "Kink Positive Missionary of Pleasure."

"She keeps the fun in Christian fundamentals," said Ms. Kali Diane Morgan, retail proprietrix of Passional Boutique, which sponsored the Diabolique Ball.  "She preaches pleasure as a religious practice."

Rev Dale said,  "The award means that there is a community, many of whom are not religious, that...

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Since everybody is reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" if, for no other reason than to find out what everybody else is reading, I thought it only fitting to do a five minute video on the topic of "kink." I hope it puts a smile on your face and stirs up your thinking about a topic that is in the air right now. Enjoy...but probably best not to watch at work. 




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The Gospel of Inclusion

The verdict is in; The attempt to make Christians more 'special' than others in the eyes of God is simple arrogance that has justified too many atrocities in Christian history. But if we are willing to live the basic tenets of Christianity, to love ourselves and our neighbors (and let's not forget our enemies!) then we are also loving our God, and are then ready to sit at the banquet table God invites us...because that is where all people of faith and good will also are to be seated. I like to...

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Enjoying the Publicity

It is a joy to talk to a perceptive reporter who gets the radicality of daring to teach a sex-positive Christianity. Unfortunately this is very novel in spite of the incarnational story of God in human flesh. Fortunately for me the Chestnut Hill Local has one on staff who asked great questions and gave me lots of space. So enjoy because I am told there will be at least one complaint letter in next week's edition for daring to give me any air...

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VIDEO: Sexual Happiness

Here is some straight talking about how to find sexual happiness through the Protestant framework of personal conscience and integrity for sexual decision-making. Using an important passage in scripture Rev Bev makes it simple...even as it is so-o-o difficult to do! And she does it in just six minutes! What more could you want?


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The Freedom of Coming Out

On National Coming Out Day when we celebrate those who are summoning their courage to speak their truth, I am a solid ally. My entire life has been attempting to be unapologetically female and authentically sexual on my own terms in spite of huge pressure by church and culture that devalues the feminine and coercively offers a narrow range of sexual options.

Freedom is a big deal. There is no question that keeping things private and personal oftentimes has a huge payoff if we want to keep...

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