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The Next Frontier at the Intersection of Sex and Politics: My Viewpoint
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The Rules of the Tomb
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I Believe in Body Justice and Why I am Opposed to the Latest Supreme Court Decision
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Podcast Opens Ears to New (Old) Gospel Truths
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What Women Want (Sexually)?

One could ask why this is such a troublesome multi-generational question that simply is not yet answered? Sigmund Freud asked it and never came up with a satisfactory answer. Now Daniel Bergner, a writer for the New York Times, has written a book on the topic after interviewing sexologists and sex researchers  all of whom are honing in on the physicality of women's bodies as well as the sociology of women's conditioning. I have written my own book review (below) but let me put on a...

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Woody Allen Family Messes Reflect Biblical Families
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Neither Your Silence (nor your Guns) Will Protect You

It was a rushed marriage for this 19 year old. I had pleaded that he not take this route. Because getting married before one has a life plan and jumping into responsibility before one is mature enough to handle it is, is usually a disaster waiting to happen. But, since getting an abortion would make them feel guilty they agreed to marry (She was all of 18 years), in spite of the fact that they cannot afford a child. The decision to foist poverty and ill-prepared parents upon an infant as a way...

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Letting Go of Shame
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A Wild, 60-Minute Ride thru Pleasure-Centered Christianity

I knew something was up when she introduced herself as "Sex Nerd Sandra!" Seems she has a very popular podcast program out of Los Angeles with a huge following. The more I talked to her the more it was clear that she was actually a clever and talented sex educator who cared deeply about her listeners. And, of course, the more she listened to my take on Christianity with its misguided "pleasure police" the more she was intrigued with possibilities that it didn't have to be...

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Missionaries of Pleasure Pledge to Dance in Sensual and Sexual Joy

How in the world did the followers of Jesus ended up in the US culture with a reputation for being against sex, pleasure, and sexual diversity rather than having the reputation of the early church characterized as a radical, status quo-challenging groups of believers who actually violated all kinds of religious rules about the body (circumcision) and gender (female leaders)? (See Acts 2:43-45, 4:32, Gal 3:28) Because Jesus was criticized by his enemies for attending too many parties, having too...

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