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The Next Frontier at the Intersection of Sex and Politics: My Viewpoint

The cultural wars to limit women’s sexual freedom and the rhetoric to divide us into ‘us versus them’ categories are evidence that in the frontier ahead there is a fork in the road. As a culture we have to decide if we will continue with a rule-based sexual moral system or if we will turn towards a justice-centered morality. That is the choice before us.

A rule based moral system requires we obey rules about sex (For example, we have rules about when we can “legitimately” have sex, with whom,...

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The Rules of the Tomb

Yes, I heard the good news of Easter that the tomb does not rule us. And yet, just last week around 240 girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria after their security guards were murdered. Do we honestly think those little girls will not be raped or sold into sexual slavery? Then, on the same day I learned of that news I also heard that rebels in South Sudan rounded up villagers and, after sorting out which ethnicities were which, proceeded to “cleanse” the village by murdering over two...

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I Believe in Body Justice and Why I am Opposed to the Latest Supreme Court Decision

It sounded like an April Fool’s joke when I first heard it: Chief Justice John Roberts, of the Supreme Court in a case called “McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission,” had effectively struck down limits on how much money a person can contribute in an election cycle. Although this overturns 40 years of national policy it is perfectly consistent with another of his court’s infamous decisions four years ago called “Citizens’ United” that gave unions and corporations the same rights as...

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Podcast Opens Ears to New (Old) Gospel Truths

The effusive email began, “I just heard your podcast with Sex Nerd Sandra! I have to say it is the most freeing information I've heard in quite some time. I recently came out of a couple of spiritually abusive churches (nondenominational) where I just felt completely stifled and felt horrible if I expressed my authentic self…”

The writer then goes on tell the too-frequent story of spiritual blackmail from her churches that assured her that leaving her marriage (which was damaged and...

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What Women Want (Sexually)?

One could ask why this is such a troublesome multi-generational question that simply is not yet answered? Sigmund Freud asked it and never came up with a satisfactory answer. Now Daniel Bergner, a writer for the New York Times, has written a book on the topic after interviewing sexologists and sex researchers  all of whom are honing in on the physicality of women's bodies as well as the sociology of women's conditioning. I have written my own book review (below) but let me put on a...

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Woody Allen Family Messes Reflect Biblical Families

When 7 year old Dylan claimed to have been abused by Woody Allen I believed her not only because I too am a survivor but because Allen, as a much older man, was dating his ex-girlfriend's adopted,  daughter (although they had never lived under the same roof.) Learning of this courtship I easily and unsympathetically concluded he had sleazy sexual ethics. I stopped going to Allen’s movies in protest.  I knew children usually *always* tell the truth on the issue of abuse...

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Neither Your Silence (nor your Guns) Will Protect You

It was a rushed marriage for this 19 year old. I had pleaded that he not take this route. Because getting married before one has a life plan and jumping into responsibility before one is mature enough to handle it is, is usually a disaster waiting to happen. But, since getting an abortion would make them feel guilty they agreed to marry (She was all of 18 years), in spite of the fact that they cannot afford a child. The decision to foist poverty and ill-prepared parents upon an infant as a way...

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Letting Go of Shame

She didn’t believe me when I said the US is a shame-based culture when it comes to our sexual bodies. I was surprised at her immediate pushback until I noted her ultra-thin body and chiseled biceps, the stilettos and cleavage she was showing. Then I wondered if my statement was perhaps hitting too close to home? For, yes, particularly for women sexual shame permeates our lives so much so that it is second hand and, like the air we breathe, is not even noticed.

We are ashamed we are not thin...

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A Wild, 60-Minute Ride thru Pleasure-Centered Christianity

I knew something was up when she introduced herself as "Sex Nerd Sandra!" Seems she has a very popular podcast program out of Los Angeles with a huge following. The more I talked to her the more it was clear that she was actually a clever and talented sex educator who cared deeply about her listeners. And, of course, the more she listened to my take on Christianity with its misguided "pleasure police" the more she was intrigued with possibilities that it didn't have to be...

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Missionaries of Pleasure Pledge to Dance in Sensual and Sexual Joy

How in the world did the followers of Jesus ended up in the US culture with a reputation for being against sex, pleasure, and sexual diversity rather than having the reputation of the early church characterized as a radical, status quo-challenging groups of believers who actually violated all kinds of religious rules about the body (circumcision) and gender (female leaders)? (See Acts 2:43-45, 4:32, Gal 3:28) Because Jesus was criticized by his enemies for attending too many parties, having too...

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