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What is sex positivity? In Less than 1000 Words

It never occurred to me that people would not understand this idea, but then again, we are so surrounded by symptoms of sex negativity that perhaps positivity about the sexual body is simply too rare to see. Others have defined sex positivity but how can Christians do so? The Incarnation Institute for Sex and Faith teaches an inclusive, science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity by intentionally disallowing misogyny, homophobia, and erotophobia much of which has its roots in 2000 years of...

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Where is the Love? Repentance and Transformation

A Sex Positive Sermon - January 2015

Using the scriptures of John’s baptism and the baptism of the spirit, Dr. Dale explains how our definitions of sex sin miss the mark. She calls us to personal discernment of the life of the Spirit suggesting this is where Love is to be found.


Today I would like to focus our attention on John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism (Mark 1:4-11, Acts 19:1-7 ) and tease out some differences. And then, because I bring an expertise and interest in the...

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Letting go of Blame: Sexual Assault and Ferguson MO

The outrage about Ferguson Missouri as a result of Michael Brown’s killing is connected to sexual assault though it is not, at first, apparent. As this tragedy and so many others are being told and retold, lived and relived, consider this faith perspective.

How easy it is to blame the victim...

The national media and a whole lot of white people have put Brown's personal life on trial thereby shifting the focus away from the police confrontation and his death - even though doing so silently...

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A Call for Volunteers...

The Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (www.incarnationinstitute.org) provides Christian educational programming that is inclusive, science-friendly, and sex positive. We are looking for people with the skills to fill these positions: 3 virtual operations assistants, 2 social media assistants, 2 Public relation specialists, 2 Marketing associates, 2 editors, and 2 Fundraisers. In exchange for committing to 2-4 hours a week and an annual tax deductible contribution of $100 to the...

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“Homeless Penis” Equals Vacant Theology

Once more a pastor has shown the drastic need for comprehensive sex education in both public schools and seminaries. The latest gaff of an evangelical pastor reveals he received neither. After establishing the dubious idea that God owns a man’s genitals, the pastor continues:

“Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home…though you may...

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Rev Bev Interview on Sex, Body Justice, the Church & the Future

For those who are not familiar with my work or just want to hear some good news about our sexual bodies, pleasure, and an egalitarian dream for justice found in the Bible, tune into my interview conducted by Jaclyn Friedman on her program called, "F+cking While Feminist." Enjoy our 45 minute conversation and be hopeful for a sex-positive future that can usher in a culture of peace and justice...because we have made peace with our bodies. This movement will be driven by women and those...

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Demons, Laughter, Power & Privilege: Robin Williams & Ferguson Mo

My head is still reeling as I try to absorb two nearly simultaneous events; another unprovoked murder of a young African American man --this time in Ferguson, Missouri and the unexpected suicide of the beloved comedian, Robin Williams. Laughter helps us avoid being pulled under and feeling overwhelmed by the underbelly of our culture – race -- our inability to escape the tragic history and current reality that we value some people’s bodies more than others. In our underbelly we are so afraid of...

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Discerning Culture,Truth, & Christian Sexual Ethics

As King Solomon asked God for the ability to discern what is right, so we are called to discern how much of our Christian beliefs are based in culture and how much is universal truth for our spiritual journey. In hindsight we can easily tell that biblical characters struggle through the restrictions of their culture and its rules, but it is not so easy to see our own. Thank Goodness, nothing separates us from God's love.

  The first seven chapters of Romans is defining sin (or the flesh...

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The Next Frontier at the Intersection of Sex and Politics: My Viewpoint

The cultural wars to limit women’s sexual freedom and the rhetoric to divide us into ‘us versus them’ categories are evidence that in the frontier ahead there is a fork in the road. As a culture we have to decide if we will continue with a rule-based sexual moral system or if we will turn towards a justice-centered morality. That is the choice before us.

A rule based moral system requires we obey rules about sex (For example, we have rules about when we can “legitimately” have sex, with whom,...

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The Rules of the Tomb

Yes, I heard the good news of Easter that the tomb does not rule us. And yet, just last week around 240 girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria after their security guards were murdered. Do we honestly think those little girls will not be raped or sold into sexual slavery? Then, on the same day I learned of that news I also heard that rebels in South Sudan rounded up villagers and, after sorting out which ethnicities were which, proceeded to “cleanse” the village by murdering over two...

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