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A Resource Now Available: Christians Can Be Both Faithful and Sexual

It is long past time for a bold and creative Christian response to the #MeToo movement, the potential election of a self-confessed rapist and pedophile, and a President who has bragged about sexual harassment of women. Some Christians this summer show they are deeply aligned to sexual repression (the Nashville Statement), but a more enticing prospect is to teach a sex-positive Christianity that is inclusive and science-friendly. That is what Disciples of Christ pastor, Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale is...

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Living in the Underbelly: A Strategy

During the first Bush war the faculty and staff at the university where I worked organized several teach-ins to make clear what was at stake. The word "empire" was only just being embraced by the Bush administration as a positive description of the US. One political scientist compared empires to an 800 pound gorilla whose mammoth size creates all kinds of problems, kind of like a bull in a china shop analogy. It was then that I began to fully understand the underbelly of my...

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Christians and Sacred Sex

Every now and then I get a sexual question from a Christian trying to sort through sexual ethics in a moral way. The latest one is about Tantric sex and here is my answer.

I have a question regarding Tantra, sexuality and Christianity. Do you think we can embrace it and if so how can even a latent follower find peace to enjoy it?

My simple understanding of Tantra is that it is an intentional process of removing all of our defenses and fully trusting one's partner (and oneself) in order to...

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On Being an Ambassador for Christ in Difficult Times - A Lenten Meditation

This is a difficult time politically right now. Even though most of us in the US are descendants of immigrants we are watching as refugees from war-torn countries are being forced to leave US shores, some to return to starvation and homelessness, others to return to persecution or death due to their sexual orientation. Others turned away at our shores have jobs, homes and animals they left behind as they went to visit relatives in other countries. In addition, there are those in our midst who...

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Speaking Truth about Our Bodies & Sexuality

During political season it seems truth-telling quickly moves out of fashion. All that  matters is persuasion - even if it includes lying. Yet, when it comes to sexuality, the Christian church has done its own share of spreading misinformation as gospel truth - even though there is no science behind it or even if science can document its error. For example, the church has said "If you have had multiple sexual partners this negatively impacts your sexuality later." and, "If...

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Sex and Religion - Some Great Resources
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Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes: 4 Webinars
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God as Erotic Passion
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It's Happening Over and Over: It's Embarrassing
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When Mother Rules

Who says one has to be a female to be a mother? And, why can't we mother without being procreative? I had to find a way to lift the secular Hallmark card-chocolate-and- flowers version of Mothers Day to a celebration that is, instead, Christian. You know the kind, "in Christ there is no male or female," the Christianity that remembers Jesus commended a woman named Mary for stepping out beyond the prescribed gender roles of her day. (Luke 10) Because there are wonderful biblical...

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