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Uncensoring the Bible

    Some theologians water it down, others mistranslate words, and still others make it all metaphor, but the Song of Songs still stands as the only erotic book in the Bible and, as such, should be taken seriously. And that is what we did at Tavern Talks on Thursday October 21 in Trappe PA. The program was entitled “Song of Songs: Sexuality and Sensuality.” Following the performance of the unnamed woman called, “The Lover” I facilitated a conversation about passion and the sensual. We focused on accepting the sensual as part of our spiritual life and ridding ourselves of our hesitance (or shame) about it.

  Tavern Talks, a ministry of the UCC is sponsored by St Lukes UCC, where the pastor is Rev Ann Few, and is held at the Trappe Tavern. 416 W Main st.

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