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Spirituality and Sexuality Discussion at Salon12/7

Can we hear a positive word on sexuality from a Christian viewpoint? Rev Bev  presented such a view that affirms gender equality and celebrates pleasure and the sensual at the Sensexual Salon at the Absinthe Lounge at 1315 Sansom in Philadelphia on Dec 17th.  Beginning in August 2010 each salon is designed around a particular theme which is then responded to by those audience members who choose to do so.  Rev Bev co-facilitated this discussion on the theme of "Spirituality and sexuality." In addition, she reprised the UnNamed Woman Lover from the Song of Songs as a catalyst for conversation. She has also recently presented her work at a New York Erotic Salon sponsored by Monica Day under the auspices of Thesensuallife.com.

The Salon was conceived by Dr. Susana Mayer, a sexologist by training and Monica Day. 


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