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Pole Dancing and Newt Gingrich: Different Dance, Same Game

If it all wasn’t so serious the headlines about sex and religion would be hilarious. A young woman in Texas is teaching classes entitled “Pole Dancing for Jesus.” This breaking story, (brought to us by FOX News, of course,) prompted one comment that this might be opening the door to new sexuality focused classes such as “Blow jobs for Jesus!” Frankly, I can’t see a whole lot of difference between the two. What pole dancing has to do with the life and ministry of Jesus is zilch! And while having fun with one’s body and appreciating the pleasure our bodies give us can indeed be linked to our spiritual lives, I just don’t think the seductive dancing as traditional females are taught to do through pole dancing is exactly making that connection. (Nor would blow jobs for that matter! Sorry guys!)

Then there is another dance being done by a politician who converted to Catholicism. The rather infamous Newt Gingrich, whose personal life includes three wives, calloused behavior towards his wife(s) and the marital dishonesty that accompanies extramarital affairs is now dancing with the Girls Scouts. Yes, for the entire month of March his website (www.newt.org) has featured his deep allegiance towards the squeaky clean image of the Girls Scouts as a way to encourage fundraising for them. Presumably we are to conclude that this dance of a soon-to-be-announced presidential candidate reflects an abiding concern for empowering women and encouraging strong female leaders in the country. (And that the Girl Scouts will take anybody’s greenbacks as long as there is no big public outcry.) But it is common knowledge that Newt’s history of dancing with women has been pretty disastrous. And now it is obvious he has missed the lesson on repentance in church teaching.

Repentance does not mean attempting to make yourself look good so you can gain status in the eyes of others and they will forget your behavior. It means to completely reverse the direction you are going and to ask forgiveness from those you have treated so dreadfully. Now when I hear Newt advocating that the Republican party  fully support women as their own moral agents in their reproductive decisions, I will be seeing  repentance. Until then, this is a publicity stunt to cover over grievous past errors. Newt pretends he is doing a woman-friendly dance but his behavior has shown he is not a ready for primetime dancing with the stars.

As for the pole dancers, while it may be good exercise, until those Texas women can disconnect Jesus and his liberating message from the manipulative seductive behavior required of women from sexual objectification, just let Jesus sit this one out.

Danni, 03-27-11 10:16pm:
I teach women to feel good about themselves, to feel empowered and we get in really good shape. God is the only person that judges so anybody who wants to judge me, feel free to but I’m good with God, so that’s what’s important to me and I really don’t care what people think.”

I'm going to have to call you out on this one. If we can "liturgical dance" for Jesus, we can pole dance for Jesus-- or do whatever it is we want to do to make our hearts sing.

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