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Clergywomen Caring for Their Sexy Bodies

Clergy women, as with other females, are too often expected to take care of the needs of everybody else first and then, if there is time (!) and energy (!) left over we can take care of ourselves! And, unfortunately, on top of this there are plenty of negative messages about our sexual bodies from within our own faith traditions. One of the workshops Rev Bev  led at the annual clergywomen’s retreat in Philadelphia was called “Caring for These Sexy Bodies.” She offered a time for each woman to listen to her body’s wisdom, explore some of the thoughts that discourage self care, and after considering some of the more self-confident women in scripture, and to move her body in appreciative ways. Can we really love one another if we don’t take the time to love ourselves and our bodies that actually are the mechanisms we use to love others? Can we really embody our faith well if we do not believe we have gloriously beautiful and, yes, incredibly sexy bodies!? Rev Bev’s challenge to each woman was to walk more self-confidently with perhaps a few new insights into what needs to change so our bodies can be heard more consistently. Of course the workshop included the laughter and joy that naturally erupts from deep within when we come home to ourselves. 

The all day clergywomen retreat was called “And Sarah Laughed: The Healing Power of Joy and Humor in Our Lives” and was sponsored by the Interfaith Center of Philadelphia.  


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