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Channeling Women to Ease Christian Fear of the Body 11/14

   On Sunday, November 14, 2010, at Tabernacle United Church at 37th and Chestnut, Philadelphia, Rev Bev channeled two very different women at the Adult Forum known as Tab.Edu. One woman is the “church lady” who, though a bit dated (due to her age), exemplifies extreme sexual repression. (You may have seen her in “An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators.”) But the second one is on the opposite extreme, the Unnamed Woman in the Song of Songs. Known as “The Lover” this sexy Hebrew woman who exudes feminine self-confidence is unashamed of being sexual (Oh yes, and she sneaks around behind her parents' back for her trysts with her lover. Scandalous! And, yes, she is in the Bible!)

After these two women speak from their very different perspectives we had a conversation about why Christians are afraid of the body. After all,Christianity is the only religion built on the idea that God can take human, fleshly form, and yet, we seem to have the most trouble with tall things sexual. Perhaps we can begin to make peace with these sensual and sexual bodies we have and even gain some new insights into how to develop a positive view of our body selves.

Participant responses included saying that Rev Bev is "doing daring things and saying daring things. I applaud (her) courage" and "Your presentation, especially your song, spoke to my heart."

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