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Anglican Priests leave 'Maverick Church'

The BBC reports that there are 600 Anglican priests leaving their church and heading for a home with the Catholic Church (while only 14 Roman Catholic priests moved to the Church of England in the last 5 years. ) The reason for the shift? The church has decided to ordain women as bishops! Egads! Didn’t we leave 1950 behind about 60 years ago? Where have these people been?

Serious efforts have been made to define, identify and then eradicate sexism within the Christian tradition, hierarchy and teachings but this is to be celebrated! Yet, the brainwashing continues as one female parishioner reports she is leaving her Anglican congregation because the Bible teaches that the gospel “comes through Jesus, through the male line.” Oh how we love our oppressions! Some, even with chains around their necks, caress them as if they could bring comfort! Security and familiarity? Yes. Comfort?? I don't think so.

One priest said he was in a “maverick Church” that keeps “changing the rules to appease the common culture," Well, if egalitarianism is more common in the so-called “common culture,” then, from my perspective, this means we (women and men) are doing a great job of telling the gospel story! My Bible shows a Jesus who violated the hierarchical structures of his day, disobeyed the male/female gender norms not paying any attention to the privileges due the 'male line", and taught of a realm of God where as much or more attention as paid to the children and those who resembled them, as the great religious poobahs!

Where have these people been? Oh yes, now I remember. They have been picketing against the inclusion of the sexual minority communities. Afterall, if we can see God in gender injustice, we most certainly will see God justifying the in discrimination against gays and lesbians as well. And all this time, silly me, I thought the church was making progress. But I guess from their perspective while they were distracted, the women just sneaked in there and began preaching that God’s love doesn’t take sides and never leaves anyone behind. My, my, how far we have strayed in our “maverick church!”

Here is the article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12685062

David, 03-10-11 8:12pm:
Maybe they are switching to the Roman Catholic Church because there is easier access to children with fewer consequences....

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