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What’s the big deal about “sex” and “God” in the same sentence?

I realize many people refuse to talk about religion, politics, or sex because they are just to-o-o-o-o fraught with landmines. Yet, how can we possibly solve our global problems, religious strife and relationship and intimacy issues if we can’t talk about these things?

People who know me, of course, know that I am all about jumpstarting conversations about religion and sexuality. Contrary to what the virginity movement and much of Christendom says, it is possible to be faithful and sexual. Embracing our bodies and pleasure does not preclude righteousness. (This seems obvious to say out loud, yet, the over-emphasis on an asexual spirituality and the denigration of passion and sex must be challenged.)

If we don’t start, in earnest, to reconnect our bodies to our spirits many of our societal problems will only increase. Yes, I do believe war and violence, deprivation and inequality, not to mention relationship boredom, sexual unhappiness, and divorce are all related to our alienation from our bodies., and that unfortunately is legitimated by, you guessed it! Christianity! So, take a few minutes and complete my survey on religion and sex (below). I want to know what you think. And then, I’ll respond with programming and write my columns in your direction. Let’s get to talking to one another! Thanks!

Rev Bev


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