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Touching the Wounds of the Body May 1

Rev Bev was the featured guest speaker on the Sunday following Easter, May 1 at Tabernacle United Church in Philadelphia. She chose to focus on the story of Thomas, also known as “doubting Thomas” who had a need to physically touch the body of a resurrected Jesus in order to believe. The story is usually interpreted as a comfort for those who, like him, struggle with doubts. However, Rev Bev saw the story through the lens of our culture’s sexual shame about the body. What would happen if, like Thomas, we dared to touch those wounded places we carry in our own body selves, our dis-ease with our body? Our secret sexual scars? Would we, like Thomas, know hope if we reached in and touched those places we keep hidden? As a survivor of sexual molestation Rev Dale can speak empathically to the power of healing even as she examines the continuing onslaught of anti-sex messages in our society that still wound us. Indeed, how can we have hope or even fully believe if we do not take the risk of bringing those wounds into the light for healing?

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