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Radio show Focus Monday morning on May 23

Rev Bev was the guest on the Dom Giordano radio talk show on Monday May 23. . The invitation from the executive producer was a result of her participation in a press conference about the large number of anti-choice bills that are in the queue in Harrisburg. For example, House bill 574 passed in May would make all providers ambulatory surgical units. It sets forth such stringent guidelines that no free standing abortion provider in the State currently complies, thus basically closing, at least temporarily, most facilities and significantly increasing the cost should some providers reopen. Pennsylvania is a state that already stringently regulates providers and the grand jury (following the Gosnell tragedy) commended and praised the providers of this state.

However, using the guise of preventing another Gosnell tragedy, an unsupervised abortion provider who violated numerous regulations who is being charged with multiple counts of murder, the anti-choice legislators are attempting to make access to legal abortions next to impossible.

The Pennsylvania Clergy for Choice is significantly alarmed at these attempts. Dr Dale said “What is moral for us is to keep women safe by making sure we do not create a health care crisis,  that we do not limit (any further) the options that women have in making their own decisions.” Noting that 90% of the providers in the State are located in only 7 counties she said, “Let's be clear that for many Pennsylvania women the economics and the lack of accessibility to providers who are geographically close by is already a hardship.”

The CBS radio station is located at 12 10 (AM).

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