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Clear Conscience on Morality Feb 4-6

    Society is very clear that anything outside monogamy, the only positively sanctioned sexual experience is wrong, immoral, and sinful, if not an abomination! But is it really? Since sacred texts in Christianity do not mandate monogamy and current research seems to indicate homosapiens  are not, by nature, monogamist, (See the bestselling book “Sex at Dawn”) and since our marital practices in the US show we actually practice serial monogamy, what other moral criteria could we use if one engages in a more open lifestyle that does not limit intimacy to only one person? (Polyamory indicates a person’s willingness to love more than one person intimately in the context of complete honestly and openness. It does not mean swinging.)

    In February Rev Bev led a workshop called “Clear Conscience: Morality and Polyamory” for those who have or are thinking of opening their intimate relationships and want to have more confidence in how to define morality for themselves, be more aware of the basis of their own sexual decision-making, and have a better understanding to defend their moral standards. This workshop was part of the Polyamory Conference sponsored by Loving More on Feb 4-6.

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