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Seminarians Considering the Sexual and Spiritual Divide May 27

Rev Bev was the guest lecturer at a class of seminarians at Lancaster Theological Seminary. The focus was  to help them explore the overlapping issues of sexuality and spirituality. She used the "Church Lady" a character from her show and the Unnamed Lover in the Song of Songs to illustrate a sexually liberated and faithful woman in contrast to a sexually repressed religious one.

The professor, Dr Frank Stalfa, noted, "It created a lot of good excitement and your presence provided a model for many of the students. More than several reiterated that they were emboldened by (Rev Dale's) work to start developing creative ways to talk about sexuality and spirituality in their church."

One student responded, "It seems that the only place where sex is not on any one's mind is church....we should be leading the way." And about Dr Dale's signature "look"? Here is what one student said, "My key take away was your boldness in wearing a collar and boa at the same time.  YEAH!  It was refreshing."

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