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Love Stories and Dysfunctional Families July 3

Who knew that the Bible could be so juicy? Leave it to Rev Bev to examine some of the juicier tidbits of the story of Isaac and Rebekah as the focus of her sermon on Sunday July 3 at Tabernacle United Church at 37th and Chestnut in Philadelphia. She noted that while this story is usually considered a love story she suggested there were a number of dysfunctional aspects to the marriage and the family that resulted.

Consider the kind of pressure to have heirs once 40 year old Isaac finally got married. And let's remember that Rebekah was the fill-in for his mother who had just died! That didn't bode well for "happy ever after" either. So in spite of the fact that nothing is recorded about the righteousness or faithfulness of Isaac or Rebekah, (although plenty of bad parenting is noted), God used them in the grand scheme to create a righteous people.

Rev Bev noted that in Romans 7 and 8 the Apostle Paul wrote that it is not what we do or don't do or want to do and fail to do, it is  instead, not about us at all. It all about God's love, the vastness of God's grace that gets us through the muck in our lives. (And we all have similar muck as Isaac and Rebekah!)

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