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Larry Flynt Understands Sex but not Morality

I didn't know we have already had a gay president (James Buchanan). I didn't know the president from Illinois where I was born and raised, Abraham Lincoln, liked to sleep with men nor did I know just how devious J Edgar Hoover was in blackmailing so many as the head of the FBI.All this and more are juicy tidbits from Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach's book "One Nation Under Sex." One would think that with the word sex in the title and the Hustler publisher (Larry Flynt) in the byline, that the book is about titillating sex. But it really is about national politics, a fact that is captured in their subtitle "How the Private Lives of Presidents, First Ladies and Their Lovers Changed the Course of American History."

Flynt and Eisenbach blames the moralism in this country that, from their documented history, has significantly impacted our political policy in (mostly) negative ways. But I disagree. But we are not overwhelmed by moralism. We are obsessed with sex. And it is this obsession that prevents us being able to recognize moral politics that serve this country, (like making sure our children are well fed and educated in public schools that have adequate resources or being outraged at the obscenity of profiteering by the military industrial complex and thus destabilizing, not only our economy but the safety of the global family.)

As a young nation, just like with young teenagers, we are obsessed with which politicians are sexting or sleeping around rather than on whether they are making public policy decisions with integrity that serve the democratic principles of equality and justice. And, while the authors see the sexual distractions and the political fallout that results they look to the more mature attitudes toward sex displayed by the Europeans. However, the authors miss the fact that the problem in the US is that we simply can't tell the difference between sex scandal and public morality.

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