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Church Members Have Had Enough

Members of Tabernacle United Church in Philadelphia have joined the many other people of faith who are tired of legislators pandering to the religious minority that evidently wants to return to the days of forced motherhood or back alley abortions. Eleven members came together to make a tape of their disgust to be added to the many other testimonials that are pouring in to inform legislators that we have had enough!

It is common knowledge now that the current strategy by anti-choice (and anti-women) groups is to make abortions increasingly unavailable or prohibitively expensive so that having the right to control their own reproduction is a non-issue.The legislature in Pennsylvania is no exception to that rule:

Harrisburg legislators are on the verge of passing new abortion regulations that are so burdensome that many safe, compassionate and pro-women providers are expected to close as soon as it is legislated. Another bill that would prevent women from using their health insurance to cover abortion care is one step away from final passage. Another bill to force doctors to ask women to look at their ultrasound image and listen to a fetal heartbeat before abortion is waiting in the wings.(And this helps the women's health in what way?!)

We've had enough! It is unjust to seek to control women's bodies, to intervene in marriages where both spouses have agreed it is not the right time to have a child, and then to have the audacity to pretend this about women's health. Lying and spreading misinformation is deceitful and immoral as well. We join many others who are outraged at this pandering for votes and gutting the options for families and women particularly.

Watch for the national video on YouTube for this congregation's response. And join us and other supporters of Planned Parenthood and Raising Women's Voices, the national watchdog group monitoring women's health in the political maneuverings around the national health care insurance. Here is the website.http://bit.ly/nxCntH

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