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Applying the Golden Rule to Sexuality July 24

       Given that Christianity has a long reputation for promoting  sexual repression, how can we rethink our decision-making about sexuality in more body-friendly, sexually affirming and inclusive of sexual diversity? Dr Dale was the featured speaker in Dover, Delaware on Sunday, July 24 at the Unitarian Universalist church using the topic of  the "Golden Rule" as an alternative framework to the legalism of today.

Noting that God invites us to dance she said, "When we dance to the tune of the Golden Rule, we just might be able to make some love-mischief today. She said that making "love mischief" as the Sufi mystic Hafiz invites us to do in his poetry is the meaning of ajoyful life experience. ""We should be dancing is in our intimate relationships, and dancing in our bodies, bodies that are so wonderfully made for giving and receiving pleasure. Why can’t we dance in our sexual expressions when we connect with another in mutual vulnerability and risk-taking?"  

As an indicator that perhaps her words had been understood, during the coffee hour members began a spontaneous line dance snaking throughout the room to the rhythms of the song "A Different Kind of Love." Oh that social change could happen that quickly!

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