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When Violence Seems to Triumph

There is a lot of very bad theology out there right how to attempt to explain why the massacre of school children recently occurred in Connecticut. So when someone expressed fears of violence happening on their campus and doubts about the wisdom of bringing more children into an insane culture that embraces and allows free access to assault weapons by anyone I offer my own theology. I hope you find it helpful.

Remember the Bible says "Perfect love casts out fear."  So release the love.    1) Find someone who loves you and go talk to them about your fear.      2) Visualize and meditate on God's love as a fountain of fresh and clean water cleansing the earth through all the streams and waters and rains around us.       3) Write a list of people who have always loved you throughout your life and give thanks for them by praying for them, thanking God for them or by sending them a letter or email.        4) Go read the Love chapter (I Corinthians 13) and substitute the word "God" every time it says "love."         5) Find someone who might be afraid and find the strength to comfort them.      We must move away from the fear because it paralyzes. Love, on the other hand, frees up the spirit to embrace life. Fear will keep us from living and turn us inward. Love turns us outward. Remember the Bible says "Love never dies." It endures when all else dies. The heart of the Christian story, indeed the resurrection story is that "Love wins." Even when it looks as if evil has triumphed, it has not and it never shall. That is the faith statement of every Christian. Remember the human spirit has divine origins. You have divine origins. Love is the antidote. I promise.    



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