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The Gospel of Inclusion

The verdict is in; The attempt to make Christians more 'special' than others in the eyes of God is simple arrogance that has justified too many atrocities in Christian history. But if we are willing to live the basic tenets of Christianity, to love ourselves and our neighbors (and let's not forget our enemies!) then we are also loving our God, and are then ready to sit at the banquet table God invites us...because that is where all people of faith and good will also are to be seated. I like to think that it was President Obama's Christian faith that led him in his acceptance speech to talk about the *United* States, an inclusive vision of far more than just red or blue states. Obama named all people all colors and included gays and straights as part of the vision of the United States. Indeed, he was describing the realm of God that I think Jesus also saw and worked toward.

This inclusive vision was made clear by a secular reporter who interviewed me for the program I am doing, "Keeping the Sexy without Losing the Faith." He summarized my views as, "Here's a Gospel where the lion lies down with the lamb, the vanilla with the kinky and the straight with the gay." (Raymond Simon, "On the Gaydar" in Philadelphia Weekly, Nov7-12, 2012) He got it! God doesn't play favorites if Jesus'  choice of disciples and the diverse group of his followers are any clue. So it is time for the rest of us to embrace the fact that we are all made in God's image. The reporter is correct. Christianity is about the all-inclusive, embracing, abundant, loving grace of God, no exceptions! And to that the reporter concludes with "Amen to that!"


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