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Rev Bev Receives Community Service Award

Photo by Ken Perna at the Diabolique Ball

The Diabolique Foundation has awarded their 2012 Community Service Award to Rev Bev because she is a "Kink Positive Missionary of Pleasure."

"She keeps the fun in Christian fundamentals," said Ms. Kali Diane Morgan, retail proprietrix of Passional Boutique, which sponsored the Diabolique Ball.  "She preaches pleasure as a religious practice."

Rev Dale said,  "The award means that there is a community, many of whom are not religious, that appreciates a sex positive faith perspective.  So much of the time, all we hear are body negative messages, and who wants to join that?"

The mission of the Diabolique Foundation is to support charities that provide vital services to Philadelphia's diverse communities through the production of an annual charity fundraising event, the Diabolique Ball.  It has raised more than $200,000 in fifteen years.

Rev Dale's Kink positive message can be seen on YouTube in her series "Sex is Good."  http://youtu.be/HbU_-6Zgw-Q



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