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Reproductive Justice: Powerful Action & Community Connection

When members of a local Unitarian Universalist congregation chose reproductive justice as its mission focus they appointed a task force to drive this agenda. As a result, it is hosting a regional conversation with other congregations and the Revs Rob Keithan, public policy director for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Beverly Dale, co-convener of the Pennsylvania Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice. 

The interactive presentation and discussion  focuses on the history and meaning of reproductive justice, how it is grounded in UU theology, as well as strategic thinking about organizing  congregations and community. Keithan notes, "UUs have a rich and successful tradition of advocating for reproductive rights: to birth control, to abortion, and to sex education in public schools."Dale noted, "UU's have always been very sex-positive so I am not surprised by this initiative. But I am very relieved because we need persons of faith mobilizing to address this current frenzy of anti-woman and anti-sexual legislation of this past year both at the state level and nationally." She added, "We need to challenge the current immorality of  imposing one's religious beliefs on everybody by limiting access and availability of these medical services."

This local effort is indicative of a national UU movement across the country that is shifting the language and emphasis from "rights" and "choice" to one of justice.

For information on this contact the Unitarian Society of Germantown.

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