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Pennsylvania Pro-choice Clergy Gather

Pennsylvania clergy, rabbis, ministers, chaplains, and seminarians gather to discuss "Abortion and Pastoral Care: The Stories We Tell and the Coaching We Need." With a rich and diverse panel clergy hear some of the stories of women they have counseled in the clinics and in the parish, a therapist discusses mental health and counseling concerns, a former politicians will discuss lobbying and the internal politics in Harrisburg. But most imporant is the discussion about the civil rights of women that are being slowly eroded in this stte and in others as a result of a loud minority of people who want to impose their religion on others. Since this has potentially devastating impact on women's reproductive health and women's abilities to control their lives and their futures, clergy are encouraged to to take this assault on women most seriously.

At less than a year old PA Clergy for Choice has engaged in lobbying, attended two rallies and written many letters to the editor and to politicians. Deeply concerned at the way one religious position is being codified into law in spite of the supposed separation of church and state, the organization vows to mobilize clergy, regardless of their position on "when life begins" to look more seriously instead at the privileging and imposition of one religious view over others as a threat to democracy.

For information on this organization, got to Facebook, PAclergy4hoice, or contact Rev Bev.

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