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Filling the Well with Peace

Argh! Somebody maliciously and intentionally cloned my Facebook page in order to get a new list of people to either sell something or send a virus to, or worse yet, to send out something in my name to destroy my reputation. (I prefer to be in charge of that myself!  And by the way, the correct FB page is Rev. Beverly Dale.) As I am using lots of time and energy to clean up this mess I am reading the wonderful posts of friends as they expend their efforts to build a better world. I am amazed at their energy and their zeal addressing corporate greed to hunger, oh, excuse me, 'food insecurity" (!) among US children. Yes, our work is cut out for us when we keep the vision of the realm of God "on earth as it is in heaven." It is imperative then that we take time to fill our spiritual wells not only to avoid burning out but also to remind ourselves why we choose to live lives of compassion seeking justice. 

To fill the well we can take a "news fast," sit in silent contemplation, call a friend, create play time, and sometimes just "say nothing." Or, take eleven minutes to find your spiritual center with this project of an artist friend of mine, Linda DeHart from Colors in Motion. I was honored to participate.


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