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The Moral Dilemma: Getting Off or Getting Nothing 9/22/12

There appears to be only two opposing sexual options for sexual behavior for singles in the US. They are to embrace either the objectification of the secular hook up culture or the sexual repression taught by traditional religious culture. However, Rev Bev highlights both humanistic and biblical principles that can serve as alternatives to opportunistic hedonism or celibacy in order to promote ethical sexual decision-making for a healthy and sexually fulfilling life. This is held on Sexual Freedom Day Sat 9/22 in Washington DC at a conference of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. It is time for us to learn to a) articulate a decision-making strategy that fits their own moral code, b) quote a biblical grounding and c) name commonly accepted humanistic principles relative to sexual behavior. we need to support those who have been confronted or judged about their own sexual choices or preferences.

For more on the conference see: www.woodhullalliance.org


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