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Taking a Chance on Love 6/17/12

We don't like to see we live in the midst of a regressive backlash against egalitarian principles or that the declining interest in Christianity in our pluralistic world. But instead of confronting our fears we live timidly, unable to risk living faithful lives. But Rev Bev wants to know if safe living is faithful living?  Do we really trust that Love will still stand with us if we step into the chaos of examining faith versus culture? And what about risking in our sexual decision-making? Oops! Do we dare, really, to take a chance on Love? Rev Bev addresses these questions on June 17t at Tabernacle United Church at 37th and Chestnut, Philadelphia, PA.The audio portion of the sermon is archived on www.tabunited.org/sermon

Dress is casual. Child care provided. Non-traditional relationships and their families are welcome.


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