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Studying Sex? Then Deal with Puritanical Religion! 10/12/12

The Pilgrim at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Our puritannical forefathers would be appalled to learn that one can study sexuality and even get a doctorate in the subject. Now Widener University as the only accredited PhD program in sexuality in the US,  has a huge responsibility to train the sex educators, therapists, and policy makers on what is a crucial topic for our culture. Not surprisingly the Center for Human Sexuality Studies regularly sponsors a "Careers in Sexuality" conference to explore the wide variety of career possibilities for their students to be held this year on Oct 12.

And, if the career direction is sexuality-related, their graduates must be prepared to also address the religious justifications for sexual repression of women and sexual minorities as well as to counter the vehement arguments, supposedly biblically based, against abortion. That is where  Rev Bev's panel comes in. She will join an interfaith team of sex-positive religious professionals as they present their faith frameworks for affirming sex, sexual freedom, and the moral agency of women.

The event is not open to the pubic and although our religiously traditional and erotophobic forebears would breathe down fire and brimstone on us, to know such work is happening should make all of us breathe a little easier about the future. Yes?

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