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Podcast Opens Ears to New (Old) Gospel Truths

The effusive email began, “I just heard your podcast with Sex Nerd Sandra! I have to say it is the most freeing information I've heard in quite some time. I recently came out of a couple of spiritually abusive churches (nondenominational) where I just felt completely stifled and felt horrible if I expressed my authentic self…”

The writer then goes on tell the too-frequent story of spiritual blackmail from her churches that assured her that leaving her marriage (which was damaged and sexless) would result in deep depression, bring irreparable harm to her children, and, of course, be a huge sin in God's eyes. She finally summoned the courage to leave and experienced incredible freedom and continued her spiritual path first outside Christianity but then found a church (United Church of Christ) that embraced sexual diversity, spiritual questioning, and the legitimacy of various spiritual paths. The podcast she heard featuring Rev Bev however focused on mostly sexual matters and she writes,

“I've never heard a religious figure speak about sex this way before. I have struggled so many times this year with wondering...what if the evangelical church is RIGHT though and I AM going to hell for thinking freely, for loving the Dalai Lama, for believing that perhaps Jesus was not fully God and fully man, for wondering if Mary was not a virgin but was raped by a Roman soldier. I have never been allowed to think these things. I have always been TOLD what to believe (even as the religious leaders SAY I should study and learn and know why I believe what I believe....with the unspoken words "as long as you end up believing the RIGHT things).”

It is true that much of Christianity has been captured by fearful and judgmental people and has no good news about our sexual lives or intimate relationships. But there are some among us who know that kind of shame-based teaching has no grounding in the teachings of Jesus. Have they never read their bibles?! But this is changing. We are reaching a tipping point as the most repressed people become ever more desperate to control women’s bodies and sexuality (See Mike Huckabee linking abortion to slavery and women’s libido to contraception! ) It is time to liberate pleasure and heal the spirit and we do this with a positive incarnational story of God-in-the-flesh -- meaning God-in-these-bodies! This is at the very heart of the Christian gospel. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the Incarnational Institute for Sex and Faith soon. The mission is to teach that sex  is normal, sexual diversity is a given and variety to be expected and that it is all divinely given. Let's celebrate these beautiful bodies and the pleasure they provide and the intimacy they give that confirms life is good -- no, scratch that -- very good.  Because, when people hear this good news they say things like this:

“Thank you so much for being a voice for LOVE. You have truly moved me… Thank you so much. You are a beautiful person. Thank GOD for you!”

Here is the podcast: www.nerdist.com/2013/12/sex-nerd-sandra-121-sex-jesus/

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