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Missionaries of Pleasure Pledge to Dance in Sensual and Sexual Joy

Rev Bev in Official Missionary Outfit

How in the world did the followers of Jesus ended up in the US culture with a reputation for being against sex, pleasure, and sexual diversity rather than having the reputation of the early church characterized as a radical, status quo-challenging groups of believers who actually violated all kinds of religious rules about the body (circumcision) and gender (female leaders)? (See Acts 2:43-45, 4:32, Gal 3:28) Because Jesus was criticized by his enemies for attending too many parties, having too much alcohol, and too much fun (with the wrong people on top of that!) obviously righteous lives could and should be filled with exuberant joy and an embrace of an inclusive sexuality in all its (non-hedonistic*) forms. (see John 10:10)

But even Jesus noted that those who are busy following religious rules (see the religious Pleasure Police of today for similarities) fail to find joy in a sensuous life. He said, “We played the flute for you, and you did not dance...” (Matt. 11:17 RSV)

Who will lead the missionary movement in the US to integrate the mind, body, and spirit? Those that are Christian identified and sexually curious? Or, those who are sexually aware but religiously disappointed? Regardless, somebody needs to put on a pink boa and say, “Lighten up with the restrictions on pleasure, guys! It is all good. God said it was 'very good' in fact.” (Genesis 1) 

If you think you might be a candidate to be a Missionary of Pleasure, check out the following pledge that people are reciting with me (with hands in the air please!). Then, contact me for your very own Missionary of Pleasure ID badge...and stay tuned for more, coming soon.


Missionary of Pleasure PLEDGE 

(to be repeated aloud...very loud, and preferably in the presence of others)

“I am one sexy, beautiful creature and I cast off all remnants of guilt or shame.”

 “I am a lover of the sensual life.”

 “I will laugh and play and live in exuberant delight...and it is all good.”

 “I will enjoy the sensuous spontaneity of life and live in the unquenchable light of joy.”

 “I will dance through life in my body for I am beautiful.”          


For those committed to the experience of ecstasy, a new commandment is in store: pleasure first. But take pleasure not only in your own pleasure but also in others’ pleasure. The way God does. The way the Creator does with her creation. Become like this pleasure-loving, pleasure-sharing God.”  (quote by Matthew Fox, in Whee, Wee, We, All the Way Home, a Guide to Sensual Prophetic, Sensual Spirituality, 1981)

“Creation is allowed in intimate love to speak to the Creator as if to a lover. As the Creator loves the creation, so the creation loves the Creator…The whole world has been embraced by this kiss.” Hildegard von Bingen, Medieval Christian mystic 1098-1179


*Hedonism as the bible sometimes uses the word “pleasure” is actually any self-serving, self-absorbed pursuit of some sensual aspects of life that is accompanied by the refusal to consider one’s responsibility to be compassionate towards others. (Ps 62:4, Isa 47:8, Lk 8:14, II Tim 3:4, II Pet 2:13)

After saying your pledge, meditate on these words:

Julie, 12-07-13 2:49pm:
I would love to have a badge! As a writer, a wife and mother, as a producer of sex positive humanistic work (www.bedpostconfessions.com) and as a lover of justice!
Julie Gillis

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