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A Wild, 60-Minute Ride thru Pleasure-Centered Christianity

I knew something was up when she introduced herself as "Sex Nerd Sandra!" Seems she has a very popular podcast program out of Los Angeles with a huge following. The more I talked to her the more it was clear that she was actually a clever and talented sex educator who cared deeply about her listeners. And, of course, the more she listened to my take on Christianity with its misguided "pleasure police" the more she was intrigued with possibilities that it didn't have to be that way if we looked to the (human) model of Jesus. After attending my workshop she asked to interview me for her podcast. Here it is folks. Grab a cup of tea, plug in the earphones and listen in to a most irreverent and totally fun conversation. Non-marital sex...masturbation...adultery...pleasure...hedonism...and was Jesus married?...You name it we covered it!


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