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A Call for Volunteers...

The Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (www.incarnationinstitute.org) provides Christian educational programming that is inclusive, science-friendly, and sex positive. We are looking for people with the skills to fill these positions: 3 virtual operations assistants, 2 social media assistants, 2 Public relation specialists, 2 Marketing associates, 2 editors, and 2 Fundraisers. In exchange for committing to 2-4 hours a week and an annual tax deductible contribution of $100 to the Incarnation Institute, members of the Volunteer Corp will receive a free monthly teleconference conversation with our founder, the Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale (www.beverlydale.org) who will teach how to have a sex-positive faith without judgment, guilt, or shame. Volunteers should either be a Christian or have, at one time, been part of that faith tradition.

Send a 150 word summary that includes your skills, religious background, and why you want to join the IISF Volunteer Corp to revbev (at) incarnationinstitute (dot) org. Deadline: October 31, 2014.

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