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We're the Ones We're Waiting For 9/21/13

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is hosting its annual conference in DC in September and includes a workshop by Rev Bev as she continues her work recruiting people to become advocates for and missionaries of spreading the good news about pleasure.

"It is past time to speak up and spread our views that our sexual bodies, sexual variety and sensual pleasure is all about good news and it should be shared. If not us, then who?" she asked. "The word gospel means good news but those who have controlled the air waves and far too many churches and houses of worship have no good news about sexuality." Dr. Dale's workshop is scheduled for Saturday at 10:30. It will continue the work she began this summer both at a workshop at a Fetish conference and with seminarians and members of a progressive Christian church. For more on the conference and to register see below. 




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